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Affordable, Healthy, Natural, Fresh Treats for Every dog

Welcome to Chofies Gourmet Pet treats website. 

Where homemade healthy treats are affordable.

We are at Riverside Gardens every Sunday Weather permitting alternatively you can pick up from Morley or choose delivery at checkout.

You can also get Lung, Giblets, Kangaroo from Drip Expresso Bayswater.

Make the healthy choice for

your pet

Made by a Canine Nutritionist

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As pet owners, we just like you care about their nutrition and health.
Choosing the right treat will make a huge difference to their overall health, that's why your looking at this site right!
Here at chofies we offer healthy homemade treats for pets in Perth.
Our ingredients are fresh and 100% natural.

Our treats do not contain any of the main causes of allergens, however we recommend you consult your vet about any allergies or health conditions to ensure our fresh wholesome ingredients meet your pets requirements.

We DO NOT sell or promote any kind of dried or dehydrated bones irradiated treats or smoke any of our products

Mission and Vision

This business was not established to make huge profits. Our main goal was to educate people on the harmful ingredients in commercial treats and to provide you with affordable healthy options

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