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More about how Chofies started and why

It all started when I decided to change my pets’ diet about four years ago.
The reason I wanted to change my dogs’ diet was that of health concerns. I could not understand why my dogs and all of our friends’ dogs had different kind of health issues. My pets had behavioural problems, allergies and skin conditions. Friends dogs were also developing cancer, liver and kidney conditions.
Until that point, I had fed my dogs just like any other owner would, giving them recommended commercial biscuits albeit the best I could afford. I started researching what dogs’ dietary requirements should be. Their correct diet was not what we and every other dog owner was being led to believe. Imagine the response if companies were telling us that once we are able to eat solid food, we would be able to survive and thrive on a diet of dry biscuits and this would suffice all our dietary needs and requirements throughout our entire lives! Well that is what we are being told about our dogs.
Thus, I completed a Diploma in Canine Nutrition, as part of my research I had to write a paper on what was in recommended commercial pet food and who regulates the companies. I investigated the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Pet Food Industry Association of Australia (PFIAA). I have discovered that the PFIAA is one of the strictest regulatory agencies in upholding the standards of excellence in the pet food industry. However, it is not a mandatory requirement and membership is voluntary. In short there are very few regulations in regards to commercial pet food and many loop holes to get through them hence the shelves are full of biscuits and treats that not only have little to no nutritional value some are dangerous and have caused major health issues and even death.
The information I found on the ingredients used opened my eyes and made me realise that the health and well-being of our pets depended on us changing their diet. I decided to go back to the basics. I started to feed my pets a mix of raw and cooked meat, raw bones as well as vegetables with no preservatives or by-products.
After a few months, I started seeing a dramatic improvement in my pets’ health. The two stomach problems they had since they were puppies suddenly disappeared. One of my dogs who suffered from skin allergies now has completely clear skin with no issues. Their coats, breath and general health all improved.
You would be surprised what my vet told me. My vet said, “Just keep doing what you’re doing. Your dogs are in optimum health, and their coats are amazing.”
The only thing missing was a healthy preservative-free treat. At the time, I was worried because every treat i looked at had preservatives in them including the ones that were said to be “natural” had excessive sodium in them to ensure shelf life ( which can be called natural as it is derived from salt) . They were also full of fillers such as wheat or rice which some dogs have allergies to. In order to keep my pets healthy and ensure my hard work on changing their diet was not undone I started making homemade fresh, natural treats with no preservatives, by-products, wheat and rice.
This is how Chofies was born
Now, I have peace of mind knowing that our four-legged friends, who are the official ambassadors for Chofies, are eating healthy affordable and safe treats.
If you are interested in learning more about what's in commercial food/treats and want to know about raw/natural food please have a look at the video’s below and also tips for better health.

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